Foresters: Land of Insurance Enchantment


Remember the good old days – when pops would go to renew his life insurance policy at Foresters, and be gone for two weeks or more? We wouldn’t see hide nor hair of him, but he would send back enchanting postcards just like this one, telling takes of his adventures in actuary tables and policy updates. Oh, how we longed to see the dancing waters ourselves! But we had to make do with these brief, beautiful postal missives home from Don Mills and Eglinton. Nobody sends postcards from thier insurance company anymore. And that’s a darn shame.

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Early Log School In Don Mills


Do excuse the wrongly-sized photo! I am experimenting with posting from my Hand-Held Telephonic¬†Device and cleaarly have a bit of a learning curve to get over. They didn’t teach me this mobile blogging business at ye olde log cabine school!

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Don Mills: Canada’s Most Modern Integrated Community


Here’s a little something I just found from the Toronto Public Library archives. To have a look and zoom in at all the copy and the pics – including those of of the original office buildings around the area (seen on the right) such as IBM, Philco, Shirriff’s, the Upjohn Company, Barber Greene, Hallicrafters Canada, Hugh C. MacLeans Publications and Perfect Circle, simply click¬†here.

Also, there’s another reference to the mysterious ‘lake’ that never happened – ‘Damming of Don River in co-operation with Don Valley Conservation Authority will create a mile-long lake. Project will include facilities for bathing, tennis, picnic grounds.’

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Abandoned Don Valley Ski Centre

Abandoned Don Valley Ski Centre

You used to be able to ski in Don Mills… now, all you can see is the remains of the ski lift (and a few other icky things I’ll leave to to the article to describe).

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Don Mills Dominion Circa 1962 – Now the Metro


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Model Homes: A House With Extra Play Space


From Canadian Homes and Gardens… another pic of a Don Mills home as it was when it was built! By Architect N. R. Stone – a fella I haven’t heard of so far in my research, but he does some fine work, to be sure. Love the lines of this home. I’m not sure where this model still stands today, but if you see one out in the wild, report it! And I will add the location here. Of course, you won’t be able to pick it up or 16,500 – the original selling price…and it probably no longer has mahogany walls and a slate entrance floor – but compared to some neighbourhoods downtown where you would pay 3/4 of a mil for a semi detached… Don Mills is still – dare I say – a bargain!


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Another Mid Century Modern Article on

ImageProxy-1.mvc ImageProxy-2.mvc ImageProxy.mvcHouzz seems to love Mid Century modern homes… and that’s OK by me! Check out this article here for some great photos of 50’s and 60’s house exteriors.

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