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A (Very) Short Story About the Don Mills Library

There once was a woman who took her toddler to the library. She left shortly thereafter, wondering wherever the hell she got the bright idea to take a toddler to a place of quiet study and contemplation. (If you were … Continue reading

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Aerial View of Don Mills Road, Circa 1960-Something

Two things jump out at me here: the lack of trees around the houses and apartment blocks, and the white flying saucer thingamabob where the Beer Store now stands on the Donway West. The DM of today is a much … Continue reading

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Fountain of Youth Found in Don Mills!

Is this the 2010 version of the secret fishing hole? Although we’re quite sure this fountain is officially unapproved as a childrens play area, and was designed to be purely a decorative centerpiece for the mall, the kids have decided to take … Continue reading

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A Decent Don Mills Reno in The Globe And Mail

If you’re going to reno your DM house – might as well do it right. Here’s a recent article from Dave LeBlanc about a couple who added to their house without employing fake columns, 3 car garages, and cheezy stucco! YES … Continue reading

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Retro Reading: A Henry Fliess house plan from Canadian Homes and Gardens, March 1953

(Henry Fliess was the architect for many of the original homes in Don Mills. Although this specific plan isn’t one of them, it would be right at home on any one of DM’s winding streets. The following is typed verbatim from the … Continue reading

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Don Mills Decorating: A 1953 Multipurpose Kitchen

“You can cook… sew… wash… iron… in this all purpose kitchen!” says this ad from Crane Ltd. …Oh BOY, can I? But all snide jokes aside, I thought the angled roof and clerestory windows made it worthy of note – I know … Continue reading

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Vintage Village at the ‘Shops At Don Mills’

(Note: I have to put ‘Shops at Don Mills’ in quotes because quite frankly its a stupid, fakely pretentious name – especially when it’s your local mall and you have to say it all the time. ‘Honey can you pick up some … Continue reading

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