33 Farmcote: The One That Got Away

We’ve been looking for a home to buy in Don Mills since October. Unfortunately for us, we began our search right at the beginning of  what I shall hereto refer to as ‘The Great House Drought of 2009’. Housing stock was at a record low – and prices were at a record high. We actually did come close to bidding on this one below, but like most real estate that went up for sale in Toronto at that time, it went for oodles, oodles, and more oodles over asking price. As in, 78,000 oodles. When we heard it had 5 offers on the bid day, we didn’t even throw our hat in the ring. But I still think about this house a lot – like one might remember an old flame that ended up getting married to someone else whom you knew was all wrong for them. I’m a little afraid to drive by it now, in case it got torn down to make a McMansion (it’s on a ravine lot backing onto the Donalda Golf Course – total ‘tear-down’ bait). Let’s hope the buyers know what an architectural treasure they purchased.

Check out the photos starring the fabulous Betty, and our superstar realtor (and part time Grandma) Margie K!


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One Response to 33 Farmcote: The One That Got Away

  1. Jane says:

    I’m happy to report I did drive by it the other day on the way to see a house at 7 Farmcote – and a new family has moved in. No teardown! Hooray!

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