Vintage Village at the ‘Shops At Don Mills’

(Note: I have to put ‘Shops at Don Mills’ in quotes because quite frankly its a stupid, fakely pretentious name – especially when it’s your local mall and you have to say it all the time. ‘Honey can you pick up some milk at the ‘Shops at Don Mills’ pains me when it comes out of my mouth. I’m going to have to think of an alternate name for the place. In the meantime, on to Vintage Village…)

Welcome to VINTAGE VILLAGE! Well, welcome to my photos of Vintage Village. It happened on the weekend and now it’s over. That’s the problem with reviews. If only we could invent a time machine and review events before they happened, they may be of use to people!

Vintage Village is the twice annual antique show at the Sho…. at the mall. Still in its infancy it seems, there were about 8 or so vendors selling antiques. Mostly the usual china and tchotchkes – but I did really enjoy the booth set up by Peter Frampton Antiques. He had a lot of fabulous teak pieces for your midcentury ranch, and some 70s chrome-y space age swank stuff for your hi-rise pad too (like the fiber optic lamp that my friend’s daughter Maddie was mesmerized by and wanted to fondle endlessly  – much to the chagrin of Mr. Frampton.)

I didn’t end up buying anything, mostly because I buy my vintage stuff at yard sales and estate sales – but if you like your vintage shopping easy, breezy, and already curated – come to the S.A.D.M.’s Vintage Village next time! Thats right, thats the Vintage Village at the Don Mills Mall. The Stores Encircled by the Donway. Don Mills Shopping Centre 2.0. Whatever you want to call it. It will be there. And so will I.

PS. I am incredibly proud of myself to have made it all the way through this post without going for the obvious ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’ joke.

PPS. If you like any of the midcentury stuff you see, email pframpton (at) No, he didn’t pay me in teak for the plug!

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One Response to Vintage Village at the ‘Shops At Don Mills’

  1. Alex says:

    The Shops at Don Mills… I would just refer to as The Shops. Yo, just going over to the shops to grab a stick-a-butter, a loaf of bread, and a carton of milk….

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