A (Very) Short Story About the Don Mills Library

There once was a woman who took her toddler to the library. She left shortly thereafter, wondering wherever the hell she got the bright idea to take a toddler to a place of quiet study and contemplation.

(If you were at the library last Saturday, Betty’s mom sincerely apologizes for 100 decibel disruption.)

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One Response to A (Very) Short Story About the Don Mills Library

  1. Paul Zanettos says:

    This is a great blog, Jane. I bought in Don Mills back in 2005 for the same reasons you returned. In fact, my house is the one featured in the main photo you use for the blog (mine is on the right, just past the white car). We renovated the inside and have made slight improvements to the exterior. We plan on adding to the house as our family gets a little older (my wife and cringe at the thought of having to share our little bathrooms with two teenage girls). I’m glad you added a link to my friend Dave’s story on the modest addition here in the ‘hood. I plan on doing something similar, but I want to spice it up a bit with a butterfly roof. Seeing as you are also a fan of the butterfly roofs, you should check out Playhouse Daycare, attached to Greenland Public School. A great example of adding some new mid century modern flair to an original building. Anyway, would love to chat more and exchange thoughts on the neighbourhood. Take care.

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