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Don Mills Decorating: Canadian Designed Midcentury Modern Furniture

Think that piece of Danish Modern furniture you picked up at a yardsale must be Danish? Maybe not. In the mid fifties, Danish Modern was just… modern. It’s what everyone who was making furniture was doing – including these Canadian … Continue reading

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Douglas Coupland’s Supernova: Beautiful but Wrong

Dear Mr. Coupland. I have a beef with you. You know that really cool sculpture called Supernova you did at the Shops at Don Mills? Yeah, you know, the clock tower with all the 1950’s Don Mills houses exploding from a … Continue reading

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Don Mills Decorating: Window Walls

  Hey, I have that carpet – and I used to have that coffee table! And I have a portable record player! And whaddaya know  – those look just like the windows in my livingroom! The only thing I’m missing to … Continue reading

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How Guytoi Court Got Its Name

Passing by Guytoi court, I often wondered where that odd duck name came from . It seemed to stick out like a sort thumb amongst such other pastoral, English compound names as ‘Overland’, ‘Greenland’ ‘Deepwoods’ and the like. Well, as … Continue reading

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Midcentury Don Mills… on a Postage Stamp?

Philatelia. No, its not a kinky new fetish. It’s the art of stamp collecting. And if you’re like me and you still like to use the ol’ snail mail once in a while, here’s a stamp to lust after! From … Continue reading

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Save The Pink (and Aqua!) Bathrooms!

If you’ve ever been house hunting in Don Mills (and oh boy, have we ever… for 6 months now) no doubt you’ve come across a bathroom like the one above, from a house on Overbank Crescent. And no doubt you … Continue reading

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