Save The Pink (and Aqua!) Bathrooms!

If you’ve ever been house hunting in Don Mills (and oh boy, have we ever… for 6 months now) no doubt you’ve come across a bathroom like the one above, from a house on Overbank Crescent. And no doubt you said with a wrinkled nose (exactly as my real estate agent did) ‘Now WHAT are we going to do with THAT’?

Well, the answer just may be – shockingly – to keep it (with some minor alterations of course – no one should have to endure the horror of a pouffy curtain or grandma’s cabbage rose wallpaper).

Why? For a lot of reasons. For one, home trends are cyclical.  Today’s stainless steel subzero freezer is tomorrow’s avocado fridge, if you get my drift. Whats ugly today, will doubtless be beautiful 50 years from now, and vice versa. There MUST have been a reason why almost every ranch in the 1950s had a pink bathroom – could millions of yesteryear’s pink bathroom fans all be wrong? Is the renaissance of the pink boudoir just around the corner? Wouldn’t you hate to rip out all that pink tile, then pick up an issue of Dwell next month with a cover story proclaiming THINK PINK! Stranger things have happened.

But for now, those who appreciate a pink toilet and sink are few and far between. However – they have have found a gathering place – on a sub-site of, called ‘Save the Pink Bathrooms’. You’ll find plenty of folks who, with a little thought (and not very much money) their ‘hideous’ pink bathroom, into something beautiful.

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