Don Mills Decorating: Canadian Designed Midcentury Modern Furniture

Think that piece of Danish Modern furniture you picked up at a yardsale must be Danish? Maybe not. In the mid fifties, Danish Modern was just… modern. It’s what everyone who was making furniture was doing – including these Canadian Designers. Note James Murray’s design below  – pretty sure that would be the same James Murray who designed our rental house on Cottonwood here in DM. But whatever happened to George Padiak, Robertson Easton, Howard Doner, Bruce Hewson or Elizabeth Honderich – where are they now? Not exactly name-dropped in the same circles as Alvar Aalto or Finn Juhl. But that’s Canada for you. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

A sideboard (or credenza, as you fancy folks call it) is de rigeur for every Don Mills dining room. You need somewhere to place the cocktail weenies while you serve your wet martinis, after all. Although it looks like they have a bottle of Mr. Bubbles prominently displayed there, I’m pretty sure thats just some West German pottery. Or, of course, an Eastern Canadian knock off of West German Pottery.

A room divider – now there’s a piece of furniture that has fallen from favour, but could really make a comeback. Especially in an apartment where space is tight. The telephone table, not so much. We have pockets for that now. Alexander Graham Bell (now at least there’s ONE famous Canadian) would be proud. Or, think cellphones are witchcraft. One or the other.

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6 Responses to Don Mills Decorating: Canadian Designed Midcentury Modern Furniture

  1. Warmflash says:

    It’s possible cell phones will fall into disuse at some point in the future. Science is always looking to see what the ill effects of the cell phone are, if any. When that day comes, we will see the return of the telephone table in the hallway, or where ever it went.

    And when that comes, the DM will lead the way, as always.

  2. Warmflash says:

    DM home of soft ice cream

  3. Don’t forget about Russell Spanner and Spanner Products. He’s the ex wrestler who would test prototypes by hurling them across the shop floor (located where the World’s Biggest Bookstore is now) and if they withstood impact, they’d be put into production. Try that with an Ikea chair today!

  4. littleowlski says:

    These images are brilliant, I love them! I want to live there! Emma

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  6. Jay B. says:

    Perhaps room dividers already made their comeback. New materials allow them to be more interesting than a simple shelving system for dust and books. For example, suspended dividers might be a great solution for loftier spaces with tables on wheels.

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