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Vintage Canadian Ads: Labatt’s 50 Ale Sits Light, Sips Light

…and it’s available at the Beer Store on the Donway West. Head on over and get yourself some cold ones! Advertisements

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Model Homes: James Murray’s Backsplit

Introducing a new feature on the blog – model homes! We’ll be looking at various styles of Don Mills houses as they looked when they were built. And it only seems fitting to start with the one we’re renting right now. … Continue reading

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Custom House Numbers

Seems such a shame to buy a modern house, then have to resort to slapping some nasty brass Home Depot numbers on it  just to you can tell the mailman where to deliver your bills. Well, the people at Custom House … Continue reading

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Congee Queen Reigns

I have a bit of a love-on for Congee Queen take-out these days. For busy parents who love Chinese food, it’s perfect: We have it worked out so that we can look up our food order online, give them a … Continue reading

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Space Age Philco Ad

The Philco plant opened at the corner of Don Mills and Barber Greene Road in 1954, but moved to Markham in the 80’s. The original building is still there  – you will recognize it as the mall that houses the … Continue reading

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Elvis is Alive and Well and Living in Don Mills.

Given the shocking news on this sign, I can only come to two conclusions: Elvis is alive…  or, Don Mills is actually, physically stuck in the 1950s, thanks to a ripple in the space-time continuum. We’ll have to hit the old … Continue reading

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Hello Again, Linoleum!

I’ve been doing a little research on flooring options for 50’s houses, and was happy to re-discovered linoleum! Linoleum, much like retro ranch homes, has been suffering from a bit of a bad rap for a while now, largely due to … Continue reading

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