Deepwood Crescent Then and Now

This photo from the City of Toronto Archives shows Deepwood Crescent as it looked in the 50’s, from the corner of Deepwood and Greenland Road. The house with the corner atrium still exists – with beams intact – however the raised ranch straight ahead in the photo has been turned into an oversized stucco McMansion. Even in these early years, you can see why Deepwood became one of the more desirable streets in Don Mills – beacuse of its tree canopy (hence the name Deepwood, I astutely surmise). The houses on the northeast part of the crescent back onto a ravine that slopes down to the Don Valley Parkway. I imagine the folks who live there are lulled to sleep every night by the white noise of the traffic filtering through the Carolinian forest leaves – might even sound a bit like the ocean. If you’ve had a few to many highballs, anyway.

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2 Responses to Deepwood Crescent Then and Now

  1. Jane says:

    Ah, thanks! That’s where I pilfered the pic from, actually. I had forgotten.

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