Street Kids

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Although kids playing in the street is not it is not exclusive to Don Mills, it certainly is endemic in Don Mills.  Because the cul-de -sac and crescent designs of the streets were made to keep traffic to a minimum, the streets outside our homes belong less to cars, and more to us. They become an extension of our homes – and a public play space.

On any given weeknight or weekend there are a half dozen or more kids out on our street, playing hockey, kicking balls, looking at bugs, drawing with sidewalk chalk, riding tricycles, and stealing each others toys. We happen to have the younger crowd here on Cottonwood, but on other streets, the full sized  hockey nets are dragged out to the middle of the road, and the teenagers will be whacking balls around… yelling CAAAAR! whenever one of those four wheeled interlopers should dare to intrude.

Of course, the streets also serve as a socilaization point for adults too. As we keep an eye on the toddlers, we also talk about the neighbourhood scuttlebutt, sports teams, housing prices, whats going on down at the ‘Shops’, who would like a cold one, or whatever else neighbours talk about.

I’m pretty sure theres a Mike Myers movie that has a scene of kids playing street hockey (he grew up in the Wishing Well area of Scarborough after all – another area that was modeled after Don Mills). If anyone can remember what I’m thinking of… shoot me a comment below.

And furthermore… CAAAAAAAR!

Addendum: Ah, good old Wikipedia. It was Wayne’s World.

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4 Responses to Street Kids

  1. Paul Zanettos says:

    Cool! We know those kids! And parents, of course. My daughters go to daycare with Alice and Vince (aka CoCo)! Does Renee know you’re moving across the street? Small world…

  2. Geoff says:

    I live in Don Mills (Bamber Court) and find that while we enjoy it, maybe it’s just our street or something but most of our neighbours are elderly and there aren’t many kids around. Another house hasn’t been sold on our street in the past 3 years we’ve been here. I think that’s my only complaint, a lack of kids for my son to play with. Hopefully that will change.

  3. Jane says:

    I have always said that the demographic of Don Mills is either 85, or 5. As the over 85’s shuffle off this mortal coil (or go to the Great Donway in the Sky) the young families move in. Such is the cycle of life around here. Slightly morbid, but true.

  4. Anna says:

    Wayne actually grew up in Bridlewood, although he frequented Wishing Well Smoke & Gift (as did I).

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