Hello Again, Linoleum!

I’ve been doing a little research on flooring options for 50’s houses, and was happy to re-discovered linoleum! Linoleum, much like retro ranch homes, has been suffering from a bit of a bad rap for a while now, largely due to the fact that people often confuse vinyl flooring with linoleum. No, vinyl is that smelly (usually brown) polyvinyl chloride 70’s stuff that’s peeling off your grandma’s rec room floor. Linoleum, is another cat entirely.

Besides being happily affordable, linoleum is eco-friendly. What! Yes! It’s made from a delicious sounding mixture of renewable materials such as solidified linseed oil, pine resin, ground cork dust, and wood flour. Sometimes called the 40 year floor, it lasts twice as long as vinyl, and comes in a plethora of colours. But aside from that, it can bring that retro feel back to your Don Mills ranch – whether in the kitchen, basement or hallway. At a retro price, to boot.

And I just got schooled about the most exciting linoleum application of all by wikipedia: “Linoleum is used in break dancing as an alternative to cardboard as it provides a large slick and durable surface.”

Hopefully I’ll be doing the worm in my kitchen sometime soon.

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