Space Age Philco Ad

The Philco plant opened at the corner of Don Mills and Barber Greene Road in 1954, but moved to Markham in the 80’s. The original building is still there  – you will recognize it as the mall that houses the Sushi/Teppanyaki place and the Mongolian Grill. And the hockey gear shop. One-stop shopping at it’s best, eh! The car dealership and Spirale banquet hall buildings were also part of the complex… which I’m imagining used to be as futuristic-looking as this ad.

This print ad is truly a time capsule of what was considered cool in the late 60’s – airline travel, ‘happenings’, and Courreges knock-off go go dresses made of barbecue foil. And then there’s the totally random flower-power butterfly painted on the TV set. Something tells me that bit was the client’s idea…

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2 Responses to Space Age Philco Ad

  1. Seaneen Brennan says:

    Have a few of those in my attic of vintage “treasures”. Maybe the butterfly was their answer to the NBC Peacock, denotes a color TV.

    Am I seeing things, or is her right heel broken? Now that was a common 60’s occurrence!

  2. Jane says:

    I think she’s wearing gladiator flats – just the strange pose makes it look like shes wobbling on a see through lucite heel!

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