Congee Queen Reigns

I have a bit of a love-on for Congee Queen take-out these days. For busy parents who love Chinese food, it’s perfect: We have it worked out so that we can look up our food order online, give them a call, walk the 15 minutes to their restaurant at Lawrence and the Donway West, and it will be waiting for us, ready to take home.

This is no ‘fried rice and chicken balls’ my friends. Congee Queen’s food is like the Chinese food I miss from when we lived beside the Spadina chinatown. In fact – perhaps a it’s little too authentic for some palates – lots of us ’roundeyes’ find congee an acquired taste… so if you’re not a fan of porridgy meat soup for dinner, I’d stick to the non-congee menu. And maybe give a pass to the ‘Beef Internal Delicacy Lo Mein’ while you’re at it.

Congee Queen’s menu also offers ‘Vietnam-Thai Fusion’ though I’ve never gone that route (and neither have the Vietnamese or the Thais, come to think of it). But I always go for the ambiguously named ‘Pan Fried Three Kinds of Stuffed’ and the ‘Chinese Broccoli with Garlic’. Now I don’t pretend to be any kind of food critic – you can’t swing a dead cat* on the internet these days without hitting six people oohing and ahhing over their latest food epiphany – so suffice to say I’ll keep it short and sweet. This food is tasty. Damn tasty. That and this URL should giveyou all the info you need to know.

*Unfortunate choice of metaphor

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