Custom House Numbers

Seems such a shame to buy a modern house, then have to resort to slapping some nasty brass Home Depot numbers on it  just to you can tell the mailman where to deliver your bills. Well, the people at Custom House Numbers have the antidote. Any font, yes ANY font you want, made into house numbers. If thats too much choice for one person, they have a pre-selected set of fonts on the page that will all make your home look 3.7 times better from the outside (I’m just guessing at that number).

My favourite numbers on the site, and the ones we’ll be buying for the new home (more about that later!) is Neutraface: based on a typeface by California architect Richard Neutra who was master of mid-century modern domestic house design. You can get these numbers (and letters)  in sizes from tiny to honkin’, stainless steel or aluminum, polished or brushed – even within the one typeface there are oodles of ways to customize it to fit the front of your home.

It’s this year’s must-have mail order accessory for your Don Mills split level or bungalow!

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6 Responses to Custom House Numbers

  1. Paul Zanettos says:

    Tempted, but I’m thinking about Eichler Numbers when we’re ready to do the exterior of our house (addition, etc.). Your thoughts?

  2. Jane says:

    Give me a link to those! I’d like to check them out. I also have the list of ‘approved’ Eichler exterior paint colours. We’re picking one for the accent color on the front of Greenland.

  3. martin says:

    I don’t think so.. The Neutra ones are licenced numbers made to the specs
    of the original Neutra houses (check his stuff out, its designer Eichler)
    And they do cost more..

    Home depot in the US, also has numbers (for 1/10th) the cost that are
    very similar.

    You should check out the blog for The Brick House, Its pretty informative and shows a 1950’s brick house redo..

    (They have the Neutra numbers on their house)

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