Model Homes: James Murray’s Backsplit

Introducing a new feature on the blog – model homes! We’ll be looking at various styles of Don Mills houses as they looked when they were built. And it only seems fitting to start with the one we’re renting right now.

‘This split level uses every inch of floor space. View at right shows back of the house, with the living room at ground level, opening directly to the garden, and the three bedrooms above it. Intermediate level on street side has kitchen, dining room and entrance hall. The unembellished brick side walls and vertical wood siding on the sunny rear wall, with regularly spaced window openings, are typical of contemporary style. The house was sold for 15,000 in 1954.’ – Canadian Homes and Gardens, February 1959.

Architect: James Murray, Builder: George Slightham.

Where to spot this model in the wild today: Cottonwood Drive. (Please report more sightings of this model!)

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