Great Interior Decorating Resource: Mid Century Home Style

We’re picking out stuff for our bathroom reno – sadly the folks who bought our house and flipped it ripped out the original bath – so we’re looking to do something modern, but with a strong, suggestive wink to the 50’s. Chrome faucets, linoleum floor, deep soaker tub, and this type of sink. Looking on google images for linoleum floor baths got me to this site – a great collection of old ads from the 40s, 50s and 60s showing the lovely bath every mid century housewife dreamed of! Thanks, Mid Century Home Style! You rock.

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4 Responses to Great Interior Decorating Resource: Mid Century Home Style

  1. Wow, this picture takes me right back to my childhood with that sink. I guess the side sink cabinets were the modern bathroom vanity of the time lol.

    Juliette Samuel

  2. Jane says:

    I’m actually looking for a sink just like that for the bathroom of our home – but after hitting about 5 stores today, I realized you can get modern versions, but they’re all 1500 bucks, or a bit too over-the top cheesy. Maybe I’ll get lucky at Re-Store and find the real vintage deal?

  3. elicia tamburine says:

    if you have Craigslist, look there!

  4. i was looking into repro fixtures recently, myself – sadly getting colors in other than beige, white, or black is very limited… sinks are the best bet for something in the blue range, but commodes and tubs, no pink or anything. the only exception was a company in england that actually re-glazes over existing new cermaic, but of course dat’s $$$$$.


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