Sorrento Mediterranean Restaurant

The above picture is a represenatation of Sorrento, Italy, not Sorrento, the restaurant at 900 The Donway West and Barber Greene Road. However, since the owners of the restaurant so clearly want it to LOOK like you’ve walked into a Mediterranean village, I figured this pic would suffice since I didn’t bring my camera when we ate there. Imagine, if you will, a place where dusty Mateuse bottles are entombed within white stuccoed walls, and the drop panel ceiliing is painted to resemble a Grecian sky. Fake plants abound, and wood shuttters keep out that hot Canadian sun. It’s a bit like Pompeii, except without the togas. However, I’m a fan of cheesy theme restaurants so I don’t have a problem with this overambitious decorating scheme.
The menu is big on pizza, but you can also get kebabs and other random things that I assume are there to represent the cuisine of Greece and Italy. My husband ate the pizza that came hot right out of their wood burning oven and he declared it to be quite good. I had a chicken caesar and declared it to be less so. Mind you, we used to eat at Terroni… and Sorrento is no Terroni. But who is? Overall I give it a ‘fair to middling’ review -I wouldn’t go there for any sort of special occasion with your honeybunny, but it’s a decent spot for a sit down pizza lunch with co-workers.

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One Response to Sorrento Mediterranean Restaurant

  1. Geoff says:

    I find don mills to be a bit of a food wasteland, sadly. I had the pizza at Sorrentos and found it blah and small for the money and won’t be back. Congee Queen is outstanding, as is High Street fish and chips on underhill. Triple Crown has great nachos and wings and China Gourmet has the best chinese food in town, but that’s all the good food places I’ve found. And nearby in scarbourgh Shawarma Empire is great too. But that’s about it so far.

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