Apartment Types: Lettering on Local Buildings

I just love the old metal lettering on the apartment buildings in Don Mills. Classic fifties ‘swoosh’ type on an up angle, for the most part – designed, whether consciously or not, to encapsulate the optimistic and carefree nature of the post-war era. You’ll also find variations on the Gill Sans typeface – I believe Windsor House (on the Donway West) is a Gill Sans condensed horizontally – and the ‘980 Lawrence Ave E’ part of Carolyn Court is Gill Sans except the ‘980’ part which must have been replaced at some point. Gill Sans, by the way, was epidemic at that time – and you’ll recognize it as the font in all the Toronto subway stations. Not all of the apartment buildings around the Donway have the metal lettering – so I’m guessing some apartment names have been changed or the signs have been removed or updated for ‘aesthetic reasons’. Here’s hoping enough folks appreciate the remaining original type designs, to keep them up.

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One Response to Apartment Types: Lettering on Local Buildings

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s a good source for Mid Century Modern House Numbers in recycled aluminum.

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