Marc McEwan’s Fabbrica is Coming in 3… 2… 1…

Is Marc McEwan single handedly trying to make Don Mills the ‘in’ spot to be again? His fourth restauraunt, Fabbrica, will be opening soon at the Shops at Don Mills, right across from his fan-frikkin-tastic grocery store, McEwan. A little bird told me (ok, a little flyer in my mailbox told me) that it will be a ‘casual, highly authentic Italian restaurant’ that is ‘contemporary in atmosphere and outlook, but equipped with a kitchen steeped in centuries-old tradition, from its italian-sourced ingredients to its old style wood-burning oven’. What’s on the menu? Glad you asked. ‘Neapolitan pizza, whole fish roasted in the wood oven, and extensive variety of house made salumi aged in the Fabbrica cellar, and innumerable rustic, home-made pastas’. The pricing will be ‘mid-range’ but who knows what that really means. Suffice to say, 2 shall not dine for 8.99! I’m pretty darn excited. My roving reporter (aka my husband) asked them when it was opening and was told at the end of August – but judging by the tarps over the joint, I’d say we have a bit longer to wait. The best thing for us in Don Mills? A great restaurant in the ‘hood, with no need for a designated driver. More Prosecco please!

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One Response to Marc McEwan’s Fabbrica is Coming in 3… 2… 1…

  1. Rex Rhino says:

    The automatically generated “Possibly Related” posts are very entertaining:

    “Marc Faber On The Coming Economic Collapse!”
    “Marc Faber – Hyperinflation Coming”
    “Marc Faber – In 12 years the US Dollar will be wallpaper”

    I hope Marc McEwan hurries up and opens the restaurant before the impending Economic Collapse. It doesn’t matter how” aged in the Fabbrica cellar” the salumi is, wait too long and our money will be nothing but wallpaper, apparently!

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