Secret Overland Park Location Discovered. Achievement Unlocked!

We found the park behind Overland School, believe it or not, with Google satellite images. A few months ago, I was looking online for a shortcut from Leslie street to our house (always looking for a shorter commute!) when I spied this very large expanse of green, a literal stone’s throw from where we live. A short exploratory walk to the end of Cottonwood where it joins Southill took me to a small walkway I had never noticed before. Beyond that lay… the playground that time forgot! Actually, to be a little less dramatic, its the field and playground attached to Overland PS – but Overland is now an adult education school, from what I gather, so the playground is fairly unused and available for good times during after-school hours. This giant greenspace is not visible from Cottonwood or Barber Greene as it is well hidden behind the houses on these streets. The only way you would know it’s there is if you saw it behind the school, off of Overland Drive. In any case, it’s got slides, playhouses, swings, tubes, and an insane amount of space to fly a kite or run your kids around until they’re all tuckered out.

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2 Responses to Secret Overland Park Location Discovered. Achievement Unlocked!

  1. Raella says:

    Welcome to the neighbourhood, Jane !
    Yes, the park at Overland Learning Center is fabulous — at all times of the day and year.
    If you stroll by at sunset, be sure to bring your camera and capture the view. If you have a dog, you’ll want to join all of the other dog owners who meet up regularly after dinner. (We’re not called “Dog Mills” without great reason !!) Just please remember to poop and scoop. Most folks who live along the fence line are happy to help you out, if you should forget to bring your own bag.
    On a summer weekend, you catch observe many sports, from kite flying, to soccer, frisbee, golf, RC airplanes, birdwatching, Tai Chi, and sometimes, even an organized baseball game. On a long weekend, you can take in some great firework displays. The Toronto Police Canine Unit have been known to use the spot for training their dogs too; now, that’s something to see !
    The winter brings lots of sledding & toboganning, the occasional cross-country skier or Skidoo-er, and definitely more than a few snowmen.
    As you walk through the park, be sure not to trip over the water pipe !! Back in the day, there used to be a wonderful skating rink here. A local group tried to get it going again several years ago; seems their skills at doing so didn’t match their desire.
    Your blog entry is great ! Glad to see that you’re enjoying our little piece of paradise !

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks so much – you know so much about the park, you should have written the article for me, it would have been much more informative! Thanks for commenting, I enjoyed it.

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