Food Delivery in Don Mills: Slim Pickins!

I have been doing a lot of googling on an empty stomach of late, trying to find places in Don Mills (or places near enough to Don Mills) that deliver. I’m shocked to find that if you’re looking or something a little more highbrow than pizza or ‘Dirty Bird’, there are only two choices: Tako Sushi and Thai One On. Really? REALLY? It’s not as if we’re living in Tuktoyaktuk here people. Now, that being said, both Tako Sushi and Thai One On are decent options for a meal on wheels, but when I have a hankering for Lebanese and a cranky 2 year old who doesn’t want to go out for a walk… surely there’s someone I can call?

If you know of any restaurants that deliver to the Don Mills area, please let me know – you’ll be doing the tired moms of Don Mills a big service. In the meantime, here’s a pattern for knit sushi (pictured above) on Etsy, that you can knit while you wait for your spicy tuna rolls to arrive.

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5 Responses to Food Delivery in Don Mills: Slim Pickins!

  1. Jane says:

    Hey, I just found out Memories of Japan delivers too! But it still doesn’t solve the ‘Japanese or Thai… AGAIN’ dilemma.

  2. raellas says:

    The problem is that we’re on the border of every delivery area; the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. And, yes, it sucks BIG TIME ! (Same with airport limos; even though they take the Lawrence West cutoff from DVP, you’ll be charged extra if you’re 1″ East of Don Mills Road !! .. their boundary map tells them to !!)

    Mr. Greek used to deliver, but now you can only order from Mr. Greek Express which just doesn’t compare.

    Of course, Congee Star (near Tilley’s) delivers and they’re a lot quicker than the 45 minutes they suggest. It arrives piping hot & I truly believe you get more Hot and Sour Soup than you do if you eat in their restaurant.

    If you call Popeye’s on Overlea, they’ll say you should call Peanut Plaza, and vice versa. However, the Peanut Plaza outlet “will” deliver, if you’ll pay $3 delivery. (Sometimes, they mess up and only charge $2 — who am I to dicker ?)

    I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve been a patron _forever_, but we get delivery from BBQ Hut at Coxwell & Gerrard ( While their food is to die for, the samosas are better & well worth the hike to Vic Park & O’Connor for The Sultan of Samosas (

  3. Jane says:

    Fantastic to know that Congee Star delivers! I smell a future blog post…

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