Nice Article on Don Mills From BlogTO… With Lots Of Not-So-Nice Comments!

I enjoyed this article on BlogTO and the old archive pics that went along with it… but the comments… well, as usual for BlogTO commenters, it’s a bunch of suburb hatin’ hipsters, whom have never been to Don Mills but feel qualified to make broad assumptions about what it might be like, and then trash it.  Especially special is the guy who (also having never been to Don Mills) looks at the pic of the three white men in fedoras above, decides it reminds him of something racist he read once, so then decides Don Mills must therefore be inherently racist too. AY CARAMBA… somewhere, the patron saint of logic is crying.

I’m always tempted to log in and correct them or at least make a snarky comment… but really, it’s not going to change the minds of the fixie-riding espresso bar set. Sigh.

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