A Fall Walk in Moccasin Trail Park

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Moccasin Trail Park has to be one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. Yet, thousands of Torontonians unwittingly drive by it every day. Nestled just west of the DVP at Lawrence, it contains some incredible original forest, a beaver pond, a park area with picnic benches, and walking trails. The entrance to it is an unassuming wooden sign just off the Donway East. Follow that trail down, down into the woods… and you’ll find yourself transported into another world. Although you never loose the white noise of the DVP, there’s something cool about a place so private and full of wildlife, yet so close to civilization. Unlike High Park, there’s always parking there, and there are usually only a couple folks there every time we go. For those not pushing a stroller like we were, you can follow the trails even further – into the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area. Bring a lunch, bring your camera, bring Wellies, and leave your troubles behind.

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4 Responses to A Fall Walk in Moccasin Trail Park

  1. Ronald Kluger says:

    I walked down Mocassin Trail today. Went around the fence and into the tunnel under the DVP and up to the railway tunnel to where the new bridge will be. Then back out along the storm pond and along the footpath into the ravine and up the hill in your picture to Deepwood. It was a great walk and I just now found your description. Yesterday I was on the other side of the river. I entered on the path from the traffic light on Wynford Drive and down the hill across the Don River on the new bridge. You have to climb over the side because it’s blocked for construction but the new path to Milne Hollow at Lawrence is nearly done. The digger operator from Dynex told me that the work would be done in a few days. So there will two bridges in the valley and a better set of paths for all. The next job is the Leaside rail trail that starts in a few days.

  2. Alvin Vane says:

    Hi there! I, too, have always wondered about Moccasin Trail Park but unfortunately little information is available on the internet. Could you tell me more about it or where I can get information? I want to organize a running group there but don’t have any information regarding paths and parking, etc.


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