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Vintage Canadian Ads: Crittall Windows

Photo shows The Donway west at the upper left, Duncairn Road and Belton Road running horizontally at the top, with Berkinshaw Crescent on the lower right, and Overton on the lower left. Norman Ingram PS can be seen in the … Continue reading

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Old School Science Centre Exhibits from the 70’s

If you’re like me, you have plenty of fond memories of going to the Science Centre in the 70’s and 80’s. It seems every kid’s favourite part was the ‘Science Arcade’ – a large bustling room full of lights, bleeps, … Continue reading

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Model Homes: Bungalow With the Big Look

This is the second in our ongoing  feature on the blog – model homes! Where we look at various styles of Don Mills houses –  as they looked when they were first built. ‘Bungalow With the Big Look: Three bedroom bungalow relies … Continue reading

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Is There a Ghost at the Overland Learning Centre?

According to the Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society… maybe! ‘Activity seems to be that of a very young child. Near the front office is a blackboard with chalk. Chalky hand-prints have been found on the hallway floor and pamphlets … Continue reading

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Halloween in the DM

Halloween in Don Mills is a kid’s dream come true. It seems at least 1 in 5 houses has been done up to extraordinary measures – with gravestones, skeletons, ghouls and sound effects. Of the rest, the majority are shelling … Continue reading

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Don Mills is Dead!

Breaking news from 1987… Don Mills is dead. Or at least, that’s how the band Sinful Love felt back in the day. I have provided a link, for your viewing pleasure, of the very very ‘so bad it’s awesome’ video … Continue reading

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