Don Mills is Dead!

Breaking news from 1987… Don Mills is dead. Or at least, that’s how the band Sinful Love felt back in the day. I have provided a link, for your viewing pleasure, of the very very ‘so bad it’s awesome’ video that got heavy rotation on Toronto Rocks in its heyday (most likely thanks to CanCon laws, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt). History buffs will thrill to see footage of the old bingo hall, movie theatre, mall, and donut shop. Hair buffs will thrill to the lush and powerful mullets. Animatronic anthropomorphic animal buffs will also not be disappointed. There’s something for everyone!

The tune is rather catchy in an early punk/metal kind of way – my only complaint, really, is that the audio quality is so bad I can’t make out the lyrics, which are no doubt full of all the angst only a middle class Canadian teenager living in their parent’s basement can muster.

Pop yourself some popcorn and then click here to enjoy what is probably the only semi-famous song ever written about our lovely suburb:

(The delicious irony of all this 80’s angst though, is that the singer of Sinful Love is now married with a kid and living happily in… you guessed it, Don Mills.)

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2 Responses to Don Mills is Dead!

  1. raellas says:

    Actually, the singer, a native of Don Mills, moved to Los Angeles in October 2009 with his family. See

    Check out comments about the video by other Don Mill folk on the Facebook group, “I Grew Up In Don Mills”

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for the update! Still ironic though…

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