Halloween in the DM

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Halloween in Don Mills is a kid’s dream come true. It seems at least 1 in 5 houses has been done up to extraordinary measures – with gravestones, skeletons, ghouls and sound effects. Of the rest, the majority are shelling out and have at least one Jack-o-lantern on the porch. I met some nice new neighbours and got a peek inside some of the surrounding midcentury modern homes. Or at least thie vestibules. This being our first year in the DM, I had no idea what to expect and set the candy count at 100 kids. At least 200 little goblins showed up, prompting my husband to have to run to the Shoppers for more loot. Earlier in the day we enjoyed a horse-drawn ‘hay ride’ (sans hay) at the Shops at Don Mills. You don’t have to go far to get the full halloween experience around here! Next year we’ll do our house up in style. I’ve got a whole year to collect spooky decorations now… and space to put them all! Be afraid, be very afraid…

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2 Responses to Halloween in the DM

  1. you need a zombie mountie!!!

  2. Denny Kurien says:

    Hi there – love your Halloween article on Don Mills. We’re thinking about moving to that area maybe by the end of this year. Was wondering if you could suggest some good family-friendly streets and schools for our 3 year old. We’re moving from Downtown Toronto, and would love to be part of the DM community. Thank you.

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