Old School Science Centre Exhibits from the 70’s

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If you’re like me, you have plenty of fond memories of going to the Science Centre in the 70’s and 80’s. It seems every kid’s favourite part was the ‘Science Arcade’ – a large bustling room full of lights, bleeps, bloops, and people getting their hair raised to the sound of muffled steel drums. So when I went back to the Science Centre last week to check out the ‘Mythical Creatures’ exhibit with my kid, I decided to see what was left of the Arcade. I’m happy to report, it’s still there. However, the vibe is changed. The various exhibits you remember – the room of silence, the dancing metal rods, the steel drum room, the ladder, the room with the slanted floor, the stationary bicycle that you ride to see yourself on TV… they’re all still in existence. But they seem to sit in sort of a ‘holding room’ that lacks any sense of excitement or purpose. It felt more like a forgotten warehouse, than an arcade. Being a design nerd, I did get a big kick out of the fact that the exhibits still have the old 70’s style typefaces on them – for some reason ‘Edwardian Circus Chic’ was all the rage then. After re-living my youth by trying them all out, I decided to snap a few photos for posterity. Who knows how long these relics will stay there!

Sadly, the magical keyboard that said ‘Coffee’ in different pitches is no longer around. That technology, I guess, is no longer mind-blowing. Coffee. COFFEE. Coffee. Coooooffffeeeee.

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3 Responses to Old School Science Centre Exhibits from the 70’s

  1. raellas says:

    My favourite — and I believe it was 70’s — was the hand water pump which would eventually draw enough water to drown the witch. And, who could forget the Van der Graff generator — the easiest and cheapest way to get Patti Labelle’s “mohawk” hairdo !!

  2. We took my nieces there last year and yes, the vibe was different. It did bring back some great memories though.

  3. I’ve taken my kids there recently and I’m glad someone else remembers the coffee machine. I’ve mentioned it to my friends, but no one seems to remember it. I think it is the one thing that I’ll never forget about the science centre of my youth.

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