Vintage Canadian Ads: Crittall Windows

Photo shows The Donway west at the upper left, Duncairn Road and Belton Road running horizontally at the top, with Berkinshaw Crescent on the lower right, and Overton on the lower left. Norman Ingram PS can be seen in the upper right corner.

“The aerial picture above shows part of the new and exclusive Don Mills development, outside Toronto – on which no less than 20,256 Crittall Standard Metal Windows, in Steel, have been installed.

Their slim, trim lines are in keeping with modern design – they combine controlled ventilation with the maximum of light and view – no warping, swelling, sticking, or splintering. Architects and Builders know from long experience that Crittall Metal Windows do everything a window can be asked to do – and do it better.  Yet they show an important saving in first cost, installation cost, and maintenance cost.

Above left: One of the modern, small homes on the Don Mills development. Below left: A close-up of one of the many Crittall Windows that give year-round protection against heat,  cold, wind and weather.”

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5 Responses to Vintage Canadian Ads: Crittall Windows

  1. raellas says:

    I wasn’t aware of the brand name, but I’m glad to have finally replaced the last of these windows. However, I cautioned the new window installers to be ultra careful not to damage the terrazzo windows sills. I had a guy in to grind and reglaze them and they’re almost a perfect match for our new granite kitchen counter. I’ve heard that most people in the ‘hood have taken out these old window sills, and I simply cannot imagine why. They are simply gorgeous !

  2. Jane says:

    We dont have those sills, but I wish we did! We do have one original windows… (the giant back picture window) but it doesn’t have a terrazo sill… it’s all wood.

  3. Paul Zanettos says:

    We have the Terazzo sills on Overton Place… gonna try to keep them when we do the addition. Still kinda of weird seeing my place in an ad… over 50 years ago. Still can’t get over the carport on the original side.

  4. John Keleher says:

    I work for Crittall Windows, and am very proud of our heritage.
    We are still manufacturing steel windows, but with a much improved performance.
    This year, we won the Queens Award for Enterprise for our exports to North America.

  5. pretty sweet how the ad displays the frame extrusion profiles – simultaneously informative and graphically interesting. i’m going to assume there was some kind of weatherstripping or gasket in there in real life.

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