Walk Around the Block Tonight

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One of life’s simple pleasures: Walking (or driving) around the block and checking out your neighbour’s Christmas light displays. We took the wee kids out on Christmas night in the plastic wagon and they thought this was marvellous fun – until they both fell asleep sitting upright in the wagon, doing the classic head-nod-jerk thing. I don’t know if that means they were so enthralled by the decorations they passed out from the sheer excitement, or they were bored into slumberland… but does it really matter? Free entertainment that makes toddlers pooped = WIN.

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5 Responses to Walk Around the Block Tonight

  1. Seaneen Brennan says:

    I like the one with the lighted birch trees out front – reminds me of our Rubber Tree and the gold mesh leaves my mother made for it for Christmas and shone spot lights on it to be seen thru our “wall of windows”. ‘Course we didn’t live in Don Mills …but I am getting to know this place quite well by now…

  2. raellas says:

    There’s no need to wait ’til Christmas to walk around the block !! We do it year-round. While I do feel like somewhat of a Peeping Tom, that’s how I get inspiration for my own interior decor.

    Incidentally, the home of the “lighting guy”, just off Barber Greene, gets my vote again for best display — both for Hallowe’en and Christmas !!

    • Jane says:

      It was amazing to see that in almost every house, everyone was sitting down to their Christmas dinner with candles and wine and all that good stuff. We must have time it just right. It was a cool peeping tom experience!

  3. Jane says:

    I have to go check that out – I think I know the house you mean, I recall seeing a LIGHTING GUY van long before Xmas…

  4. I read the last line as “Free Entertainment that makes kids Poop” and thought “isn’t she worrying about their pooping a little too much?”

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