Fabbrica is Fabulous!

Unlike everyone else who has a blog and a mouth these days, I do not pretend to be a qualified restaurant reviewer. But, because restaurants are a pretty important part of writing about a neighbourhood, I still feel it is my duty to fill you in after I fill up. So, I’m here to tell you, after the long wait for it to open, Fabbica did not disappoint.

I read a lot of reviews on Chowhound that bitched about the high price, so I was a tad nervous about walking out still hungry but much poorer. I also read a lot of talk like ‘It’s no Terroni’ (I’m not sure why Terroni is always trotted out as the gold standard of pizza in this city – I mean it’s good but it’s not exactly the Second Coming). But I digress. So, in a nutshell, after taking my family there before Christmas, I have this to say. Are the prices high? Yes. Is the food good? HELL YES! My husband is still having semi-erotic fantasies about the pizza he ate. And I think the prices could have been kept down a little had they explained that the sides served two, not one. And also, if maybe we hadn’t ordered about 238 glasses of wine. So if  you are a teetotaller who likes to share, you’ll make out just fine in the budget department.

The other thing worth commenting on is that its nice to have a higher end restaurant that’s kid-friendly and even has booster seats. And because the atmosphere is fairly bustling and boisterous, a few loud yelps from the excited whippersnappers didn’t really disturb the status quo. In fact when we first walked in, a good portion of the tables had kids. This will either make you jump for joy and book a reservation, or run screaming for the hills, depending on your personal procreation level.

If you want to read more about the food, try this article from Toronto Life. I think it pretty much captures it. And if you go, bring me some of the scallops in a doggy bag!


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