When 75 The Donway Goes… Where Will the Doctors Go?

A Ryerson student who has interviewed me a few times about Don Mills sent me this article she wrote, which has been published on Open File. Definitely worth a read… especially if you use the medical services at 75 The Donway West… which is soon to become ‘Liv Lofts’. I’ve been wondering if the doctors in the area will migrate to office space at ‘The Shops’ – or will have to move out of the area altogether?


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One Response to When 75 The Donway Goes… Where Will the Doctors Go?

  1. Jonathan Mousley says:

    As you may be aware, a new Family Health Team (FHT) has just been established (as of mid-April 2011) in Don Mills at 20 Wynford Dr., and is accepting patients from doctors one housed at 75 The Donway West and from elsewhere in Don Mills. So far, the FHT includes at least one doctor from 75.

    An FHT is an innovative provider of primary health care programs and services that brings together different health care professionals to co-ordinate and deliver the highest possible quality of care to patients and to promote healthy living. When fully mature, the Don Mills FHT will comprise 8 physicians along with

    Like all Family Health Teams in the province, the Don Mills FHT is established to ensure that patients receive the full range of health care services and health promotion programs over extended hours in the local community. The FHT is particularly focused on chronic disease management, disease prevention and health promotion. It also works with other local health care organizations to deliver additional health care servics and health promotion programs on site (20 Wynford Drive) or at different locations throughout the community. Reflecting the large – and growing – number of immigrants and seniors in Don Mills and area, the Don Mills FHT specializes in care for immigrants and seniors.

    All doctors at 75 The Donway West were given an opportunity to join the FHT, but all but one chose not to. Many decided to retire; other decided to move their practice out of Don Mills altogether. Thus far, Cadillac Fairview has not indicated a willingness to house medical offices at the Shops at Don Mills. That’s why 20 Wynford was chosen as a location for the FHT, instead.

    To book an appointment with the Don Mills FHT, you can call them at 416-444-6161. Their website will be up and running shortly.

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