Flemingdon Park Circa 1961: Amazing Photos From Canadian Homes

I just got back from the Old Paper Show at Wychwood Barns, where I picked up the November 1961 copy of Canadian Homes. Their cover story… ‘Is This How You’ll Live 15 Years From Now?’ focuses on Flemingdon Park. The Flemingdon Park they showcase then is a mini mid-century city ‘where children can play and adults can loaf or stroll free of the dangers of moving traffic.’ It’s also an idyllic land of well-coiffed suburban moms playing tennis and lounging by the pool and the communal courtyard… ‘remeniscent of the Georgian squares to be found in London and on the European continent’. 

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3 Responses to Flemingdon Park Circa 1961: Amazing Photos From Canadian Homes

  1. WOW…terrific photos!!

  2. warmflash says:

    Ironically, all the well meaning liberal social engineering in the world couldn’t stop the intervention of fate and an immigration policy — or complete lack of one — gone mad.

    Today Flemington Park is home to Bamboo Gang, Iranian Power, Pig Police Gang, Latin Nation, Big Circle Boys, West End Persians, Tiny Tunes and The Crew.

    Musically Flemington Park — known on the street as Flemo Park — is home to rappers D-Brown, G.C.P, Illegal Justice, J.B, The Don Rolo and Maestro.

    • smoothgravy says:

      It’s amazing how a simple spelling error like ‘Flemington’ makes phrases like “liberal social engineering” and “intervention of fate” all seem so meaningless.

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