Another Midcentury Modern Home For Sale In Don Mills

Home listings in C13 have been few and far between lately… so it’s nice to see something cool come up. Have a look at the roofline on this one… that’s pure Don Mills, baby! The 80’s reno inside is a bit of a downer, but at this price… you can afford to re-do it. Come on people. Leslieville is overpriced. Move to Don Mills and live the dream! Unless you plan to tear it down and build a McMansion. In which case… get lost.

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5 Responses to Another Midcentury Modern Home For Sale In Don Mills

  1. raellas says:

    Excuse me ???
    (1) Home listings in C13 have been few and far between lately ??
    Perhaps “few and far between” needs clarification ? We frequently get real estate blurbs in our mailbox and, unless I’ve completely lost it, there has been what I would consider to be reasonable activity in the area. (maybe just not your little corner of C13 ?) I’m not sure what your terms of reference are, but if “within the last year” qualifies, I can state unequivocally, that we’ve that we’ve seen more than our fair share of deeds exchange hands & we’ve hugged goodbye to loving neighbours & welcomed new ones.
    (2) so it’s nice to see something cool come up ???
    Really? I guess I’m just an old fuddy duddy. I just find it all rather sad. So many are the original homeowners — people who can tell you the history of Don Mills, just by reaching over to their sideboard. Typically, the families have stayed here so long that now, the kids are well established elsewhere, so they’re not moving back to the old family home, as they once did. So, it’s “strangers” moving in and not the kids of the “Don Millers”. It’s not that the new owners won’t make great neighbours — many of our new neighbours are a lot of fun & are very warm — it’s just that they’re not…well…they just don’t have the Don Mills spirit and upbringing. They don’t know “The Pit”, the curling rink, the Don Mills Centre, …all of that schtick.
    I guess your points are both valid, but weigh differently, depending on one’s mood, heart, or point of view. I suppose too, if I just get my head out of the sand, it ain’t all that bad — I’ll work on that.
    Guess I wanna build a skating rink with someone who knows how they used to be over putting in an inter-locking stone driveway with someone who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of grass growing between the original pathways.

    • Jane says:

      Turnover in Don Mills is much slower than in other parts of the city – and I’m guessing it’s because people love it here. That’s good for those that live here. But for those looking for a house to buy here, it’s not so good. It took us 8 months (and having to move into a temporary rental) before we found our house in DM. So, I guess I am just putting myself in the shoes of another family who may be wanting to move here, and saying – yay, look, here’s something cool for you that isn’t a McMansion, and is under half a million dollars!

      …And I am one of those ‘strangers moving in’, by the way. Although I went to school here, I didn’t grow up in the ‘hood – I was over Yonge Street way. But I would say I still have spirit, wouldn’t you?

      • Jane says:

        I suppose I should also add that one of the main points of this blog is to get people to love Don Mills for what it is and what it was – and to encourage people to not tear down the original homes. By showcasing the Midcentury Modern architecture of Don Mills as something desirable and worthy of attention, I’m hoping to prevent, in my own small way, even one of these houses from being demolished to make way for inappropriate, oversized houses that change the nature of the neighbourhood.

  2. raellas says:

    It seems that you really do know, love and appreciate Don Mills. As such, you are definitely not a stranger.

    And I’m with you on the trying to keep monster homes away !

  3. Garry says:

    Ironically, I hated Don Mills as a kid, but I’ve move back to it for the architecture – as long as there aren’t too many monster homes!

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