Canada’s First Outdoor Urban Village?


I hate to be one of those people who get all nitpicky about accuracy and grammar, but wouldn’t the phrase ‘Outdoor Urban Village’ apply to any town that’s not encased in a futuristic bubble dome? And the first such village in Canada… wouldn’t that have been someplace like, oh, St John’s Newfoundland, five hundred years ago?

Now if the sign read ‘Canada’s First Outdoor Urban Village In Which One Can Purchase a Michael Kors Handbag While Wearing High Heels and Eating Gelato and Pondering Purchasing Caviar or perhaps some Imported Cheese’… then maybe.

No, wait… Yorkville has that one hands down.

Wait, wait… I have it – ‘Urban Village’ is in title caps, and the rest of the sign is not – maybe it’s not a typo – maybe they have trademarked the name Urban Village, thereby guaranteeing themselves first-ness?

Or Perhaps Random Title caps Is The New hotness.

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2 Responses to Canada’s First Outdoor Urban Village?

  1. Rex Rhino says:

    The worst part:They assume that I am going to be reading the sign while lying on my side.

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