Rain Barrels! Get Yer Red Hot Rain Barrels Heeeeere!

I just got a rain barrel from the lovely folks at riversides.org. Not only is it twice as big as the ones from the big box stores, it’s not twice as expensive. If you’re looking to water your big Don Mills backyard for less dineros (and prevent runoff from flowing into the lovely Don River) these are your go-to guys. They offer bicycle delivery…. but not north of Eglinton or East of Pape. So we’re hosed on that front, to use a bad pun. However you can pick one up at their offices downtown if you have a car… with a hatchback. It will NOT fit in your trunk. Unless you own a stretch limo Hummer. And if you do, I’m guessing you  probably aren’t in the market for a rain barrel.

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