The Mayor of Don Mills: Vintage QSL Card on Ebay

Found this old Ham Radio QSL card on Ebay – Richard G. Wood at 52 Larkfield Drive! My dad was a ham radio operator, so I am quite familiar with QSL cards. And this one is pretty nifty. A niche market to be sure, but… maybe someone out there wants it?


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2 Responses to The Mayor of Don Mills: Vintage QSL Card on Ebay

  1. Seaneen Brennan says:

    have no idea what a QSL card is, but your post takes me back to my Little Canada neighborhood in the 50’s. One of our neighbor families lived a sweet little redwood MCM ranch home they built and Mom was a school teacher. Dad was a Ham Radio Operator. That explained the metal tower outside their house. Dad never had a real “job” – just a Ham Radio Operator. I used to go over to play with their son, a classmate, but never saw Dad. He was always in the basement. One of those puzzling observations of my childhood.

  2. Rob Ludlow says:

    It’s actually for a CB (Citizen’s Band) operator, not a ham – there’s a significant difference. I’m not sure that CB’ers called them QSL cards. Hams certainly did and still do. I’ve been licensed since 1969 in Don Mills. There wouldn’t likely be any monetary value – perhaps nostalgic value for some.

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