Well Now I’ve Seen it All… Don Mills Jeans!

Now here’s a mystery I really have to get to the bottom of (pun intended). I just found these jeans on Ebay. Used, and selling at the bargain price of 389 dollars. Stitched on the butt under the DSquared brand logo is the cryptic message, ‘Toronto Don Mills 1964’. The auction lists these jeans as ‘rare’, ‘wonderful’, and ‘a masterpiece’. I’m not sure I would go that far, but hey, clearly they’re decent denim. But 400 bucks worth of decent? And why do they say Don Mills? What’s the story here? More investigation is underway!


MYSTERY SOLVED: (thanks Wikipedia!)

Dean and Dan Caten were born in 1964 as Dean and Dan Catenacci in TorontoOntario.

The Canadian creative fraternity design duo are identical twinbrothers, fashion designers, founders and owners of the DSQUARED2, an international fashion house. Celebrities wearing their designs have included Lenny KravitzKarl LagerfeldJustin TimberlakeRicky Martin,RihannaChristina AguileraFergieBritney Spears and Madonna [1]

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