A Scarborough Find: The Natural Food Depot

Yes, I know this blog is about Don Mills but, perhaps like you, I find myself going over to Scarborough for my shopping. In my mind, close proximity and plenty of free parking more than make up for the lack of glamour (suck it, Rosedale!). So I was very happy to discover the one thing I thought this area was lacking – a health food store – tucked away in a strip mall at Lawrence and Warden.

The Natural Food Depot is a bit like Dr. Who’s Tardis – looks like a small store on the outside, but once you walk in – whoa nelly! – it’s a full sized supermarket in there! Produce, meat, frozen food, bulk foods, cereal, candy, beverage, soaps… pretty much everything I’ve seen at the other major health food stores in Toronto (with a few things I haven’t, such as Kamut flour in bulk). And to think, I’ve driven by it for years and never saw it (I used to drive up to Ambrosia in Thornhill or hit the Big Carrot on Danforth). Note: The Natural Food Depot’s rather sad website has been under construction since 2007 – clearly their shopkeeping skills are far superior to their web skills. Time for an update, guys!

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