Wood Panelling IS NOT The Devil


Wood panelling is not the devil. But painting over wood panelling? Now that’s a sin. See how happy these people are in this ad? That’s because they have beautiful, practical, wood panelling! My Don Mills rec room had wood panelling too… until some well meaning person painted over it in an attempt at updating the house before we bought it. Trust me, I would have much preferred my original grey masonite panelling (seen above) than the buttercup yellow painted panelling I have now. And once you paint it, you can’t go back.

And, this may come as a shock, but wood panelling is making a comeback. It may look a little different than the 50’s version, but it’s baaaaaaaaack!

So think twice before you paint, people. Maybe it’s not the panelling that has to go… it’s our attitudes towards it!

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1 Response to Wood Panelling IS NOT The Devil

  1. Seaneen Brennan says:

    I had grooved grey Masonite in my bedroom growing up, not made to look like wood. I much preferred the real redwood paneling in the rest of the house, but the Masonite was clean and sleek and impermeable.

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