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ImageProxy-1.mvc ImageProxy-2.mvc ImageProxy.mvcHouzz seems to love Mid Century modern homes… and that’s OK by me! Check out this article here for some great photos of 50’s and 60’s house exteriors.

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4 Responses to Another Mid Century Modern Article on

  1. atot says:

    Love your mid century mission in Don Mills. We hope that no more McMansions appear in DM but alas people without taste unfortunately have money to do so.

    Anyways, do you have any tips or inside knowledge of any mid century houses for sale in DM? We are desperate enough to leave letters with houses we like in the area to see if they want to sell. Yes, it is that level of desperation.

  2. Jane says:

    I did much the same, searching for our house! We ended up getting ours on a tip from a DM friend, who saw the sign go up on the lawn before it hit MLS. My advice is… hang in there! It took us 6 months to get our dream MCM house in Don Mills. Not a lot of people move out. But, I will certainly give you the heads up if I get any insider knowledge of something coming on the market!

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