This blog is my love letter to Toronto’s best neighbourhood, Don Mills. I’ll talk about anything and everything DM – old and new – so stay tuned. Sign up for the RSS feed. Sit back. Eat some popcorn.


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  1. Barb H says:

    Hi Jane,
    Found you while looking for history bits for our group, (the Don Mills Residents Inc.)for our web-site. In addition to being the DMRI Membership person, I also maintain our web-site. Would you mind if we put a link to your Don Mills blog on our site? Perhaps you would like to reciprocate? I have a few old (’60s) postcards of Don Mills (Inn on the Park, Foresters Bldg., the aerial on our history page, the Pentola) If you think that they would inspire more of your posts and want scans let me know.


    • Jane says:

      I would love to put a link to you here, and vice versa! And I will be joiniing soon – we’re just about to move to our new home on Greenland Road in a couple weeks so life is in upheaval at the moment but once we’re in, I’ll be signing up. Thanks!

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  3. Bianca says:

    FYI: you might be interested in this, Lacewood Cres. home owners are pursuing a Heritage District Designation as a reaction to new comers coming in with plans to tear down home and build mcMansions.

    take a drive, if you havent recently done so, and note the development of some-good some-bad “improvements”.

  4. Scott Anderson says:

    Hi.. I’m interested in using this photo. Can you contact me? Thanks! https://donmills.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/aerial-view-of-don-mills-road-circa-1960-something/

  5. Hi Jane It has been a long time scene I have been in the lovely metropolis of Don Mills .I miss the shop on don mills vintage shows and the warm welcome from the residents .So to all my friends and customers .I have opened a new shop in dare I say it in Etobicoke its called SPUTNIK VINTAGE FURNITURE 12 Advance rd .Hope to see you soon .many thanks Peter Frampton

  6. Hi Jane
    … great blog on Don Mills!
    I spent quite a few years (age 10 to 20) living here, and after many years away, have just returned. I’m a professional photographer by trade, I have a particular fondness of modernist architecture (library, Ortho, Etc.) and I’m disappointed by the loss of both the architectural significance and aesthetics of many of these terrific buildings. I enjoy sharing my work on my blog here: http://donmillsphotoblog.blogspot.ca/
    It would be great if we could provide reciprocal links from/to each other’s blogs.
    Please let me know if you’re interested.


  7. Mitch Toews says:


    Here is a new brochure we are launching Feb 11 in Portland and Feb 19-20 at Buildex Vancouver, BC. This trendspotting piece reflects the shift by several, major door OEMs in North America towards Mid-Century Modern (MCM) designs and Modern decor. (Therma-Tru Doors, Simpson Door Company and Lynden Door)


    We have collected interior and exterior doors that appeal to “MCMer’s, nice modernists and the retro tribe” and we are seeing strong demand across all markets. Observers suggest that the MCM trend may eventually rival Craftsman as a design vernacular, because it has the same prerequisite broad appeal and a large base of existing homes for remodeling + restoration. Indeed, most cities in Canada and the USA have Mid-Century neighborhoods and we have also seen many new multi-family projects take on strong Mid2Mod influence.

    For doors, brightly colored entries, unusual or iconic use of glass lites, and European flush veneer door looks are some of the hallmarks of Mid2Mod.

    We will launch a Mid2Mod Pinterest board on Feb 11 and follow that with a Houzz Ideabook, soon after.

    Hardy Rahn, in our Winnipeg office can direct you on how to buy Mid2Mod doors for Don Mills, info.winnipeg@alliancedoorproducts.com 204.661.1004

    Mitchell Toews
    Business Development
    Lynden Door | Alliance Door Products
    1 – 2076 Townline Road
    Abbotsford, BC, Canada V2T 6E5
    Mobile 604.613.7655
    Toll-free 888.850.8862
    Office 604.850.8862

  8. Jeff Ward, Halifax says:

    Hello: I came upon your site while looking into the buildings of John B. Parkin, who, it turns out, designed the original Don Mills Shopping Centre and another of other smaller commercial buildings that still survive. Here is a link: http://www.tobuilt.ca/php/companies_to_buildings.php?search_fd0=1576
    My reason for leaving this note is to share with you and your readers a link to my article for Plan Canada (the journal of Canadian professional planners) which I called “A Tale of Two Suburbs” and which was published in the Fall 2012 edition. It won the Article of the Year award in 2013 and I was honoured to go to Vancouver to pick it up. You can read the article here: http://www.cip-icu.ca/web/la/en/pa/FD090D834CFA40A8870821B4E7C7C0A4/template.asp . I would be interested in hearing what people feel about the article. You will find it a little provocative in terms of how it compares the walk-ability of Don Mills to that of the Dutch town of Houten, which was built to a similar scale and general layout.

    I enjoyed your site, BTW. I, too, enjoy Atomic Ranch!

  9. Brady Proctor says:

    Hi, great blog here. I’ve always loved the history of the Don Mills area and happened to come across your site while surfing the net one day. Actually, I had written a song about Don Mills a while ago, maybe you can post it here or, post a link to it at http://www.reverbnation.com/theremotes .The song is called The Mills. Have a listen, you might like it.

    Thanks, Brady

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