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Ideas for sprucing up your atomic ranch

I’m Still Here! With Some Reading Suggestions

Sweet fancy moses, I haven’t posted since January! In truth, it’s because I was abducted by aliens and taken back to the 1950’s to do more research on midcentury architecture. But I am back, with some summer reading suggestions! Firstly, … Continue reading

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Wood Panelling IS NOT The Devil

Wood panelling is not the devil. But painting over wood panelling? Now that’s a sin. See how happy these people are in this ad? That’s because they have beautiful, practical, wood panelling! My Don Mills rec room had wood panelling … Continue reading

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Decor at the Core – An Article on Decorating Your Mid Century Home

This just came into my inbox today in the Eichler newsletter… it’s a great article full of good tips an inspiration for decorating your mid-century modern home using both old and new elements. Well worth a read (and it’s worth … Continue reading

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Amazing Door-O-Vision: Try Out New Doors For Your Mid Century Home

Crestview Doors has an awesome gadget on their website that lets you try out a variety of mid century modern door styles and colours using a front-on photo of your own home. They are based in Austin, Texas so it … Continue reading

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Probably The Only Garfield-Themed Dumpster In Canada

… if not the world! Every time I walk by this dumpster behind one of the apartments on the Donway East, I have to smile. Clearly someone did this for the simple reason that they though Garfield was pretty awesome, … Continue reading

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It’s Spring! And a Young Woman’s Mind Turns to Landscaping

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the hedge clippers is? In honour of all that snow melting, here’s some design inspiration to get you thinking about landscaping possibilities for your Don Mills home. All of them … Continue reading

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Shopping For (not in) Don Mills: Ethel 20th Century Living

If you need to purchase some Mid Century stuff for your Mid Century home, there aren’t a lot of shops around Don Mills in which to do so. So, why not head on down to Leslieville to my friend Shauntelle’s … Continue reading

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