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The Mississippi Belle: A Restaurant from the Time Machine

I have a soft spot in my heart for crazy theme restaurants… but I never knew there used to be one in Don Mills, until now! This gem of a postcard just turned up on Ebay. Located at 793 Don … Continue reading

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Sunny Food Mart Just Blew My Mind!

Why oh why did it take me so long to discover the joys of Sunny Food Mart? I just got back from an impromptu shopping trip (shopping for entertainment, mostly) and I can safely say I will be going back! … Continue reading

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BlogTO’s List of Don Mills Restaurants… Short, Not Sweet.

I understand this isn’t a canonical list by any means… but it sure leaves a lot to be desired. I know Don Mills isn’t exactly cuisine central, but hey, where’s Gonoe Sushi! Memories of Japan! The Mongolian Grill! Joey! I … Continue reading

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Fabbrica is Fabulous!

Unlike everyone else who has a blog and a mouth these days, I do not pretend to be a qualified restaurant reviewer. But, because restaurants are a pretty important part of writing about a neighbourhood, I still feel it is … Continue reading

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Food Delivery in Don Mills: Slim Pickins!

I have been doing a lot of googling on an empty stomach of late, trying to find places in Don Mills (or places near enough to Don Mills) that deliver. I’m shocked to find that if you’re looking or something … Continue reading

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Marc McEwan’s Fabbrica is Coming in 3… 2… 1…

Is Marc McEwan single handedly trying to make Don Mills the ‘in’ spot to be again? His fourth restauraunt, Fabbrica, will be opening soon at the Shops at Don Mills, right across from¬†his fan-frikkin-tastic grocery store, McEwan. A little bird … Continue reading

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Sorrento Mediterranean Restaurant

The above picture is a represenatation¬†of Sorrento, Italy, not Sorrento, the restaurant at 900 The Donway West and Barber Greene Road. However, since the owners of the restaurant so clearly want it to LOOK like you’ve walked into a Mediterranean … Continue reading

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