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Walking, biking, swimming, and other things I never seem to do

Salmon are Spawning in the Don River!

Or at least… they’re trying to. Last weekend down in the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area I was amazed to see salmon up to a metre long flailing around in the shallows of the Don. A little research upon returning home … Continue reading

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Charles Sauriol Conservation Area and the Milne House

I spent a lot of time as a kid playing by the banks of the Don River. Not a particularly advisable pastime, according to my parents – what with the pollution, the teenagers up to no good, and the frequent, … Continue reading

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Walk Around the Block Tonight

One of life’s simple pleasures: Walking (or driving) around the block and checking out your neighbour’s Christmas light displays. We took the wee kids out on Christmas night in the plastic wagon and they thought this was marvellous fun – … Continue reading

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Old School Science Centre Exhibits from the 70’s

If you’re like me, you have plenty of fond memories of going to the Science Centre in the 70’s and 80’s. It seems every kid’s favourite part was the ‘Science Arcade’ – a large bustling room full of lights, bleeps, … Continue reading

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Nature Walks Around Don Mills: The Leaside Spur Trail

We stumbled upon this trail on our way to Edward’s Gardens the other week. Feeling adventurous, we decided to abandon our original plan and check it out instead – heading south off Lawrence, just east of Leslie. It was obviously … Continue reading

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A Fall Walk in Moccasin Trail Park

Moccasin Trail Park has to be one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. Yet, thousands of Torontonians unwittingly drive by it every day. Nestled just west of the DVP at Lawrence, it contains some incredible original forest, a beaver pond, a … Continue reading

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Yoga at the Toronto Botanical Gardens

There’s oodles of other stuff to do there too, but I was interested to see they offer Yoga at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. I was googling for classes in Don Mills a while back and didn’t find this in my … Continue reading

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