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The exhange of money for desirable goods and comestibles

A Scarborough Find: The Natural Food Depot

Yes, I know this blog is about Don Mills but, perhaps like you, I find myself going over to Scarborough for my shopping. In my mind, close proximity and plenty of free parking more than make up for the lack … Continue reading

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Well Now I’ve Seen it All… Don Mills Jeans!

Now here’s a mystery I really have to get to the bottom of (pun intended). I just found these jeans on Ebay. Used, and selling at the bargain price of 389 dollars. Stitched on the butt under the DSquared brand … Continue reading

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Rain Barrels! Get Yer Red Hot Rain Barrels Heeeeere!

I just got a rain barrel from the lovely folks at┬á Not only is it twice as big as the ones from the big box stores, it’s not twice as expensive. If you’re looking to water your big Don Mills … Continue reading

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Sunny Food Mart Just Blew My Mind!

Why oh why did it take me so long to discover the joys of Sunny Food Mart? I just got back from an impromptu shopping trip (shopping for entertainment, mostly) and I can safely say I will be going back! … Continue reading

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Canada’s First Outdoor Urban Village?

I hate to be one of those people who get all nitpicky about accuracy and grammar, but wouldn’t the phrase ‘Outdoor Urban Village’ apply to any town that’s not encased in a futuristic bubble dome? And the first such village … Continue reading

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Shopping For (not in) Don Mills: Ethel 20th Century Living

If you need to purchase some Mid Century stuff for your Mid Century home, there aren’t a lot of shops around Don Mills in which to do so. So, why not head on down to Leslieville to my friend Shauntelle’s … Continue reading

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For Sale: 2 Broadleaf Road

A nicely priced raised bungalow off the Donway East. Not as space age as I like ’em, but it has a sweet original 50’s corner fireplace with light grey bricks. Good stuff. Close to the schools and stumbling distance from … Continue reading

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